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Construction Site Accidents

If you have suffered a Philadelphia construction injury while on the job or as a civilian walking or driving near a construction area, you may be eligible to obtain compensation to help with medical bills and other expenses. You may be spending the majority of your time at medical facilities or elsewhere in an effort to get better, and you and your family have most likely come to realize that rehabilitating from construction-related injuries comes at a high cost. As a Pennsylvania construction accident attorney, Brad Cooper understands that no amount of financial compensation can truly "compensate" for serious injuries or loss resulting from construction accidents in Philadelphia or surrounding areas. In light of the high costs of medical care and other expenses that arise after a PA construction injury, obtaining financial compensation or workers' compensation benefits is often an essential part of the recovery process.

You may have arrived on this site with questions regarding a Pennsylvania construction accident such as the following:

  • A construction site fall
  • A ladder, crane, or scaffolding accident
  • A forklift accident
  • An accident involving any kind of operating equipment
  • An accident in which a building or structure collapses or causes damage, such as a trench collapse
  • A welding accident
  • A logging accident
  • An elevator accident
  • An accident on a highway or roadway involving construction
  • Lacerations caused by construction accidents
  • A burn injury caused by a fire or explosion
  • A gas explosion
  • A toxic spill
  • Any kind of electrical accident
  • Any accident involving equipment
  • A roofing or building accident
  • Accidents involving nail guns, compressors, or other tools
  • Any kind of construction site accident involving the negligence of a supervisor, manufacturer, or another party
  • Any kind of construction site accident not involving negligence or fault, as long as the injured is an employee
  • A fatal construction site accident

The above list is not comprehensive; if you have questions about any type of Pennsylvania, or Philadelphia construction accident, or another type of work-related accident, feel free to contact Brad Cooper & Associates for free resources and answers regarding your specific situation.

Among the questions Brad Cooper & Associates are asked most often involve questions regarding civilian accidents at construction sites, third-party negligence, and whether negligence is necessary. Unlike other Pennsylvania personal injury claims, workers' compensation claims do not have to result from the fault or negligence of a supervisor, employer, or other party. If you were hurt on the job, even if it was your own fault, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits to help cover medical bills, additional expenses, and time away from work. Many regulations exist in Pennsylvania regarding which doctors or experts you can see, the amount of lost wages you are entitled to, and other concerns, so it is important to consult with an experienced workers' compensation attorney before proceeding with treatment or talking to an insurance adjuster. Reporting your injury to your employer and obtaining treatment with an approved physician as soon as possible is critical to your claim.

Although proving fault is not necessary in Pennsylvania workers' comp. cases, some construction and other work-related accidents involve third-party negligence, constituting a premises liability or product liability claim. If you are a civilian and have been injured at or near a construction site, you may be entitled to compensation under premises liability law. If you are a worker and your construction injury resulted from the negligence of a third party (such as a product manufacturer) you may be able to file a Philadelphia premises liability claim in addition to obtaining workers' compensation benefits. One example of third party premises liability is a defective ladder causing a construction injury.

Whether you have suffered a back, neck, or head injury; spinal cord injury or herniated disc, traumatic brain injury, bone fracture; hip, knee, or shoulder injury; amputation, paralysis, or another serious injury in a construction accident, feel free to contact Brad Cooper & Associates regarding your workers' compensation case and potential third-party premises liability case. You may also be eligible for compensation if you have tragically lost a loved one in a work-related accident or construction accident. Brad Cooper & Associates handle wrongful death and construction accident injury cases in Philadelphia, Jenkintown, Chester County (West Chester and Paoli), Delaware County (Media), Montgomery County (Norristown), Berks County (Reading), Bucks County, King of Prussia, Cheltenham Norristown, Exton, Newtown Square, Wayne and many other surrounding areas.

If you simply want questions answered, would like free resources concerning your accident or injury, or need help now, he will answer your questions for free with regard for your unique circumstances.

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