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Monday, May 7, 2018

Information About a Slip and Fall Case Part One

Slipping and falling is something that can happen very easily but can cause a serious injury if the fall is bad.  This blog will help you determine if you have a liable case for any injuries caused by slipping or tripping and falling.


Property Owners’ Responsibilities

The first thing that you need to do before seeking legal justice from a fall is assess the surroundings of where the fall happened.  Check to make sure the property owner has done everything they could to make the environment a safe place.  For example, if you slip on a floor that constantly has water on it, but the property owner has installed proper drainage grates in the floor.  Or if you trip over an item that is in a normal or appropriate location with such item.  These things would not be considered the property owner’s fault since they are not irregular variables within the property.


Who’s Liable?

There are a few things that need to be considered to determine if you have a liable case.

The owner of the property or the employees should have previously known about the irregular and dangerous condition.

The owner of the property or the employees did know about the dangerous conditions but took no actions to make it a safer environment.

The owner of the property or the employees were the cause of the dangerous conditions.

All of these are situations where it is not your fault if you slip and fall, however it is difficult to prove these since there can be very little evidence if the property owner or employees were ever aware of the dangerous situation.


For more tips on determining if you have a case, please refer to our next blog! If you are looking for the justice you deserve, please contact our professional slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia, PA at 215-545-7777.

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