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Thursday, November 8, 2018

What to do after being involved in a public train accident?

One benefit of urban living is access to public transportation. The more often a person utilizes mass transit, the more likely transit-related injuries may happen. Weather conditions, schedule operation, mass groups of riders and other factors contribute to the cause of these accidents. Although the chances of accident seem unlikely, most riders don’t plan what to do after a public emergency. If you’re involved in an accident, follow these simple steps before seeking a trusted train accident lawyer in Philadelphia.

Alert Proper Staff

Tending to any medical issues should be your primary concern, especially since staff members have emergency responders on standby. If you can’t find the proper staff, call 911. This allows documented reporting of the incident for future use and proper care for potentially life-threatening injuries on yourself and others.

Locate Trusted Representation

Document as much as you can on-scene. This includes pictures, videos, and witness statements. Contact an experienced attorney and provide information regarding how injuries have limited your well-being since the accident. It’s especially important to include if your condition has worsened over time.

These situations are unfortunate and often times are complex. To further support your case, consult a professional. At Brad Cooper and Associates, our Philadelphia lawyers are experienced in attaining the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at either of the following numbers: Philadelphia Office: 215-545-7777 Toll-Free: 888-545-4755

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