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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Workers’ Compensation FAQ in PA

If you become ill or injured as a result of your job, you may qualify to successfully claim workers’ compensation. The laws surrounding workers’ compensation can be difficult to navigate, leaving workers unable to make the proper choice in what best benefits their situation. It’s important to note that compensation standards vary by state, so we’ll focus on frequently asked questions regarding worker’s compensation in Pennsylvania.

It’s always best to ask and be informed, then to assume you don’t qualify. Reference this guide before you search for the best Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney today!

What qualifies as a work-related injury?

According to Section 301© (1) of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, 77 P.S. §411(1) – any injury, disease or medical condition caused by a person’s job can be classified as a “work injury.”

When should I tell my employer that I’ve been injured due to work?

Notice of injury should be given within 21 days of injury, per Workers’ Compensation rules, but at the latest – 120 days. Even minor injuries should be reported to a supervisor immediately for security in reporting.

What’s the average financial compensation for injury?

Benefits are calculated based on an average weekly wage. Typically, 66% of pay-period earnings before an injury are allotted for compensation. Exceptions to the rule can affect higher-wage workers and vice versa.

Am I able to sue my employer due to work-related injury?

In exchange for workers’ compensation, employees generally are not able to sue their employer. If a third party is involved, say in a motor accident on company time, you are able to sue the third party.

How long can I expect to receive benefits?

In the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, there is no deadline for compensation to end. An employee can receive compensation benefits until their proper return to work or case settlement. It’s important to note that employers are able to limit how long an employee receives benefits - another reason to get a trusted Pennsylvania attorney involved from the beginning.

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